Looking to pass your driving test FIRST TIME in Crawley?


The pass rate for the Crawley test centre is less than 50%, with the pass rate for students of Driving Crawley being 60-70% it shows that I know what is required and can pass this knowledge on!

Don't worry I am not selfish with this knowledge, even if you are not learning with Driving Crawley I have made various videos to help everyone to become a safer and more confident driver, thus increasing your chances of passing the Crawley practical driving test first time!


Mock Driving Tests in Crawley (Test Routes)


Footage of REAL Driving Tests in Crawley!


Examples of Serious Faults (Which would cause you to FAIL)

How do you book your practical driving test?

Visit this page, https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test, to book your practical test, this is the OFFICIAL government website. I will let you know when to book your test, this will be when you are ready and will stand a great chance of passing first time!

Once we have agreed you are ready for the test, go online to look for the test dates/times then please let me know what these are to ensure that I can do the time/date that you find.

TIP - Avoid searching Google for "book practical driving test" or similar as the top hits are often non-official sites and will charge you extra for booking a test. The gov.uk website will get you the practical test at the lowest fee.

What can I expect on the day of my practical driving test?

Read this, https://www.gov.uk/practical-driving-test-for-cars, and watch the below video

On your practical driving test you will get asked 2 safety questions, commonly known as the "Show Me Tell Me Questions", visit this page for more details

Instructor Sitting In

As explained above, on your driving test the examiner will ask if you want your instructor to sit in the back, this is YOUR decision, however things that people often consider when deciding if they want me in the back are:


- Moral support / a friendly face in the back.

- A second pair of eyes to watch what is going on, so should any mistakes take place I will be in the best position to help you work out what went wrong and we can then work together to find a solution to resolve the issues raised.


- Extra pressure of someone else sitting in the back and watching

- Seeing my head, not a pretty sight!, when checking mirrors or reversing (note, I will sit behind the drivers seat and try to move my head out of the way when you are reversing and looking out of the back window, in an attempt to be as invisible as possible)

I find that around 70% of my pupils ask for me to sit in the back due to the benefits stated above, but the other 30% prefer for me to stay at the test centre due to the disadvantages listed.

NOTE - The examiner will treat the test the same if I am in the back or if I stay at the test centre. Also please note that if I sit in the back I MUST stay quiet and stay very still, like a statue!

Senior Examiners

Every so often the examiners need to be assessed by a senior examiner to ensure they are doing their job correctly, maintaining standards and giving a fair result to the candidate (i.e. you!), this can sometimes mean a senior examiner will sit in the back, if this happens it is important to remember they are there to watch and assess the examiner, not you!


Read this blogpost to put your mind at rest about some misconceptions about what is expected on the UK driving test


Where is the Crawley practical driving test centre?

As you can see the test centre is in Pease Pottage, it is in a group of buildings called "The Pavilions", this is diagonally opposite Bridges Breakers Yard.

When arriving at the test centre you will enter through blue metal gates, once you have passed the gates turn left and the bays for the test centre are the ones at the end, you will need to reverse into any one of these.