Crawley Theory Test Lessons


The pass rate for the UK theory test is less than 50%, meaning passing the theory test is often harder than people expect. 

It especially causes issues for those with special needs such as autism, dyslexia & ADHD who might struggle to understand the questions or have difficulty concentrating when revising.


I can provide tutoring to help you to PASS your theory test!


There are two parts to the theory test, the first part being 50 multiple choice questions and the second part being hazard perception. The pass rate for the hazard perception is 85%, so it seems most people pass this, but fall short on the multiple choice questions.

To pass the multiple choice questions you need to correctly answer at least 43 questions out of 50, it is not uncommon to hear learners scoring 41 or 42 on the multiple choice questions, often seeming like they have failed but just 1 mark. This is sort of true, but in reality 8 or 9 questions have been answered incorrectly. I feel this shows the need to many to take some professional theory test driving lessons. 

The driving theory lessons I offer in Crawley can be tailored to suit you, this means before attending the sessions it would be worth while making note of topics that you often struggle with, this might be questions are often get wrong or struggle to understand. During the sessions I will not just tell you the answer, as I appreciate that it is not an effective way to learn, I will always explain the question and answer, using diagrams to help where possible, also using creative ways to help remember all those facts and figures.

If you are unsure what you would like covered on the session I can structure a session based on topics learners often struggle with, this might include:

  • Motorway rules, include reflective studs and following distances. 
  • Stopping distances
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Road signs
  • General tips on how to remember things
  • Ways to study effectively
  • Recommended theory test software


How long are theory sessions? 

I would typically recommend 1 hour, however this can be extended if you feel it would benefit you.

How many sessions should I take?

This is up to you, I would perhaps suggest starting with just one session, if you feel you would benefit from more sessions we can arrange this.

Can you guarantee I will pass my theory?

Unfortunately not, no one can guarantee this, it is ultimately down to effective independent learning / study. However I will always be happy to address any concerns you may have, even after the sessions, just give me a call and I will see if I have a tip to help you remember certain bits of information.