Advanced Driving Lessons


Often many drivers feel that when they have passed the standard UK driving test then it is the end of their learning, often the test just being seen as a hurdle to get over. 

Having passed 6 advanced driving tests, with all the relevant training to achieve this, I strongly feel that passing the standard driving test is, in fact, just the start!

Benefits of being an advanced driver

    • Reduced risk; you will develop strong anticipation and planning skills, the biggest part of advanced driving. With these skills you will be able to keep yourself and your family safe.
    • Reduced insurance costs; many insurance companies offer a discount for advanced drivers, the discount often outweighs the discount given for 'pass plus'.
    • Reduced fuel bills; through defensive driving and forward planning techniques your fuel consumption can be greatly improved. 
    • Make your passengers feel comfortable; with good forward planning and anticipation your driving will become smoother and more relaxed, this will make your passengers, and yourself, feel more comfortable.

I will just be told to drive slowly?

Many will feel this is what they will be constantly told on driving lessons, but this is not true, in advanced driving we say there are four key areas that are developed:

Safe - Quite an obvious one, I can help to reduce your risk on the roads and improve your enjoyment! 

Systematic - Reduce your work load, making you feel more relaxed, by driving in a systematic way, i.e. doing one thing at a time, we often use the 'system of car control' using the acronym IPSGA (Information, Position, Speed, Gear, Acceleration).

Smooth - All the controls on the car should be used in a smooth and controlled manner, aiding passenger and driver comfort.

Speed - Yes, speed is one of the things we look at! It is all about driving at the appropriate speed, this often involves making progress and overtaking other drivers! But there is a phrase; "Anyone can drive fast, only a good driver knows when to drive slow".

Formula 1 drivers follow a similar system! Yes I will be teaching you some of the skills used by formula 1 drivers! You may have heard of things such as: braking in a straight line, brake-gear overlap, accelerating through the bend, looking through the bend / limit points, fixed grip steering. All skills you will be taught!

One formula 1 technique I will NOT teach you is how to slipstream the vehicle in front! 

There are five main advanced driving tests you can take:

Three of these are based on Roadcraft and 'the system of car control', these are:

Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

DriveTech (DriveTech are part of the AA. This test is more aimed towards fleet clients)

There are 2 tests that more aimed towards approved driving instructors (ADI'S) and are based on DVSA standards:

DIAmond Advanced Motorists

Cardington Special Test (This test is carried out at the DVSA headquarters) 

I have taken and passed all of these advanced driving tests at some stage, so have knowledge that I can pass on to you. Personally I prefer RoSPA, IAM and DriveTech are they are done in a much more informal and relaxed way, you will be given feedback and advice on what went well as well as what could be improved. The DIAmond and Cardington are very much fault based, like a traditional test.

I recommend you purchase the following books and DVD's to aid your advanced driving training.


By visiting the page and just considering advanced driving skills you have already shown a GREAT attitude towards driving, thank you!

If you would like to pursue your goal to become an advanced driver, then please contact me on 07890 317907 and we can have a chat about your requirements and how I can help you.