Check out what previous clients of Driving Crawley have said about their experience.


After failing multiple times last year, I thought of reaching out to Laurence. I have been watching his YouTube videos since last year and have always found them extremely helpful. So, in December 2019, I requested him for his availability. Luckily, he was available from February 2020 and I started taking lessons from him. And I can say that, it was the best move in this long journey. 

Laurence focused on my weak areas and always tried to bring positivity to the whole experience as previous failures had left me on a very low confidence and self-esteem. Although, I knew how to drive, he helped me  become a better and safer driver. He is very friendly, patient and never gets frustrated on asking the same questions many times or doing repetitive mistakes.  

I very much admire his way of focusing on positives over the negatives. It has helped me tremendously in changing my mindset so that I don’t dwell upon the mistakes, but rather work on improving them, using unique and creative ideas. He gave me small challenges in every lesson to get better in what I was struggling. The lessons were never mundane and always adjusted according to the needs to improve my driving.

I would highly recommend Laurence to anyone who is planning to learn or improve their driving skills. For sure, you will not be disappointed!


Laurence was a great instructor. He was friendly, helpful and above all patient. He was always coming up with new ways to teach me things until I was happy with it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thanks Laurence for helping me pass first time.


I am so delighted to have passed my driving test first time with only 3 minors, and I can confidently say that this was thanks to Laurence.

I was very nervous during my first few lessons but Laurence helped me to feel in control and safe. He is professional, very calm, patient and easy to get on with (very important when spending many hours in a car together!)

Laurence is an excellent teacher, I really benefited from the exercises and demonstrations used to reinforce a concept I was struggling with. He was always up to date with my progress and knew exactly what I needed to do next to move forward.

My understanding was hugely enhanced by watching footage recorded on the dash cam from just moments before. Also, Laurence made great use of his iPad through diagrams and footage to cover the theory before putting it into action. I highly recommend his Youtube channel which ultimately saves time during lessons and helps with local test routes.

I really admire Laurence’s dedication to his students, ensuring that they become skilful and safe drivers.

Thank you Laurence!!


First off I just want to say a massive thank you to Laurence. He's an absolute brilliant instructor! I myself am not the easiest person to deal with (chronic overthinker/perfectionist) and he rattle his brain to try to get me to understand by trying different tactics with me. He would always find different ways and techniques to explain things if I wasn't understanding them. Also his teaching methods are second to none and I give him soo much praise for it. He makes learning fun in a safe manor ofcourse. His youtube videos are extremely helpful and he will also guide you in the right direction about other issues you may be having with driving. I can not thank him enough for everything. I highly highly highly recommend Laurence.


Laurence is very good. The best driving Instructer we can find in Crawley. He was actually my second instructor. I left the first one after 10 classes as he was dragging a lot. But I was totally happy about Laurence approach. He was not just following the regular pattern of teaching. He shaped the classes in a way to improve on the things which I was weak and really diggs in to the root cause of the problem to avoid the mistake. By the use driving app in iPad and real-time cameras the lessons was truly an amazing experience.


Excellent and extraordinary driving instructor! Laurence is one of a kind!! He surpassed all my expectations and he didn’t only go an extra mile, but he went the second mile with his insightful knowledge on driving, the third mile with his intelligent “what if.... this happened? how would you approach this? “ questions that would challenge your driving understanding, the fourth mile with his patience, dedication and ability to develop a personalised session, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh mile and so on! He is always on the road!

I was previously taught by a different driving instructor and after failing my first driving test, I realised that I was fed with memorising the test routes instead of actually developing the driving skills to approach any kind of road! I was not confident at all when I had my first driving test and my passion for driving was somehow maimed!

I contacted Laurence because I have been following the amazing content he routinely uploads on his YouTube channel Driving Crawley - I did not have high hopes that I could get lessons with him but luckily he was available and my journey towards loving driving again, developing the right skills and understanding were ignited! His lessons have always been relaxing, really enjoying and the confidence he conveys is more than unique! Plus he has amazing gadgets in his car - all the driving you do is recorded so you can go back and see your mistake...literally on the spot on his tablet :) besides of all the simulations he shows you in different driving situations.

On my second driving test, I felt really peaceful, confident in my skills and ready to pick up that blue certificate in my hands!! What a big difference from my first driving test attitude!

Thank you Laurence,

I couldn’t be more grateful :)) #bestdrivinginstructor


Laurence was awesome. He is very patient and never hesitates to explain any questions you have. He made sure I correct all my driving issues by showing the footage of my driving after each class and also making me practice thoroughly by going through similar roads often in other classes. I recommend him 100%. BTW, I passed the test first time!

Ant (Review from his mum)

I found Laurence for my son after various failed attempts at finding a suitable instructor. My son is autistic and needed a patient, understanding and supportive but firm and fair instructor. Laurence is exactly that!! He taught my son with ease. My son absolutely loved being taught by Laurence. Nothing was to much trouble or difficult. His knowledge, expertise and patience is second to none! My son has just passed his test thanks to Laurence from driving Crawley! We all can’t thank him enough. He’s that great we’ve now got him teaching our daughter! Can’t recommend Laurence and driving Crawley enough. Thank you.


A Dedicated Driving Instructor !! Laurence helped me regain my lost confidence, patiently corrected my driving mistakes and was flexible in scheduling my driving lessons. Thanks to Laurence for helping me pass the driving test.


Laurence is an exceptionally talented driving instructor who is always able to give clear and concise explanations and feedback. The main goal of lessons was not only to pass the test but also to ensure that I'd become a good driver.

Lessons started promptly and were varied with lots of different teaching techniques employed. An added bonus was that lessons were always flexible based on my availability. Highly recommended.


A fantastic driving instructor. I had a small window into which I needed to fit learning to drive, which made Laurence’s flexibility, punctuality and reliability a massive advantage. Always patient and meticulous in explanation, Laurence’s approach quickly allowed me to realise how to address faults and avoid them in the future. I would definitely recommend Laurence and Driving Crawley.


Laurence was an exceptional driving instructor! As an American expat, I came to Laurence with experience in driving a car (albeit with some bad habits that had to be unlearned) but complete confusion over the UK road system, signs, and rules. He was very patient with me and had a variety of tools and instructional techniques to adapt to my learning style. His blog and YouTube videos were a useful aid in review and last minute revising before my driving test. In addition, Laurence was very organized and punctual. I picked Laurence due to all of the glowing reviews on google and it was absolutely the correct choice! I passed the test yesterday on my first attempt, thanks to Laurence :-)


Amazing driving instructor, I would recommend 100%. 
Laurence teaches you to drive safely and provides good resources with his blog and YouTube videos to prepare you for the test. He is very helpful and teaches you everything you need to know to not just pass the test but to drive confidently and safely on your own afterwards. 
He is extremely helpful, patient, friendly, and knows how to get the best out of you. I passed my test with only 3 minors and I now feel confident and prepared for driving by myself. He talks about areas that you have performed well in to improve your confidence while also talking through areas to improve. You learn everything you need to know about driving including all types of roads, road signs, rules at junctions/roundabouts, stop signs, one-way roads, and so much more!
Always on time and professional, very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and very patient. Laurence is amazing at his job. I have had other driving instructors and can safely say that he is by far the best.
I started learning to drive 3 years ago and I'd lost my confidence but after a few lessons with Laurence I noticed a massive improvement. 
Thank you Laurence for helping me to get my driving licence and giving me the confidence and knowledge to drive safely! :)
5 star driving instructor!!


Best instructor in the world i could not recommend anyone else.

passed my test with only 3 minors and i felt so confident when going out and driving on my own afterwards Laurence is exceptional in a way that he dont just prepares you for the test but the actual driving after you have passed your test.

reasonable priced and very good value not to mention that he is very flexible and patient as never got angry when i would make the same mistakes.

Thanks a lot Laurence would have not passed without you!


Very good driving instructor I passed 8 years ago and lost my licence within my first 2 years went to laurence after 7 years of nothe driving after reading load's of positive reviews was not disappointed very good driving instructor very knowledgeable and a brilliant teacher if you want to have the best chances of passing I would recommend him to any one taught me so much more than I ever new when I first passed my test and feel like I no much moreally about the roads the videos he provides on his YouTube channel are also very helpful and are worth watching to help you along the way passed first time with 1 minor fault . Thank you laurence 5 stars


The best instructor i've used by far! Very professional and patient. Laurence's teaching methods are so easy to learn from and help you understand the theory behind what you're doing on the road as well as actually putting it into practice.



Laurence is a excellent driving instructor, a few lessons and passed first time!! Highly recommended thank you again.



Before I started the driving lessons with Lawrence, I had several instructors, over 170 hours lessons, still can't pass the test. 
Lawrence is the only one I met knows how to TEACH the pupil to pass the test.
His car's vedio record is really helpful. It replayed the scene to show me what's the big mistake I did. 
I passed the first time with Lawrence, 2 small mistakes.
He is so brilliant! 
Thanks a lot, Lawrence, you are genius.



5 Stars Instructor. He is helpful, patient and very kind. He turned this whole experience of getting a driving licence stress free. I am thankful and happy. Today I passed my test with 0 mistake! Thank you Laurence for everything.



Laurence was a fantastic instructor and really helped build my confidence after a bad experience with a previous instructor.



Laurence is a fantastic driving instructor. He is professional and explains everything very well. He is always on time, friendly and very patient. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. 



Laurence is brilliant driving instructor. During my lessons, he was always calm and took great pains to explain the theory of driving in a thorough but practical way. He also adapted himself really well to my specific learning needs.



Lawrence was a fantastic instructor ! I had a instructor before Lawrence and I didn't feel like he really cared about me or was interested in getting me to pass. However when I went over to Lawrence he made all the difference and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test ! He will not only teach you how to drive safely and how to pass a test but prepares you for everything to come when you eventually do pass and you are out driving on your own ! I would 100% recommend taking on Lawrence as a instructor and can assure you that you will not be disappointed.



My driving instructor, Laurence is absolutely brilliant in what he does! And that is teaching how to drive! He is very thorough and is keen to help you in whatever area you feel you're struggling with! One thing that I feel like Laurence does better than other driving instructors is that he wants to make sure that the rules will stick into your head, I've heard from a number of people that they don't really feel good learning with their instructor, with Laurence it has always been a pressure to work with! and thus he'll make sure that you'll be an assertive and confident driver by the end of it!

I would recommend Laurence to just about anybody who wants to learn dhow to drive the best way possible! He is patient, experienced and can turn anybody into a good driver!



Laurence taught me, not just how to drive, but how to drive safely. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. He was very thorough with his explanations, ensuring I understood everything - even after the lesson he would send more information/videos on anything we worked on that day. I now feel very confident driving and is the reason why I passed my driving test recently. I'd recommend him as an instructor for anyone who wants to do well in their test!



An all round instructor. Helped me pass within a short time frame and he was a great help!



Laurence is a very patient and friendly driving instructor. He makes sure every weak point in Driving is turned into a strength by contanstly working on those areas. He is very professional, always on time and uses various learning aids suitable to the learner. Laurence offers many practical tips that are useful both on the test and during normal driving. I totally recommend Laurence to anyone planning to take Driving lessons - you won’t be disappointed.



Laurence was very confident, calm and professional whilst teaching me how to drive , his assertiveness and paying attention to detail skills really allowed me to fully take in everything that I was learning. The price is very good and reasonable and cant find a better service anywhere else. Learning to drive with Laurence I found I was confidently getting better and more comfortable behind the wheel every day without question, I honestly cant thank Laurence enough for his help and his service.



Laurence was a very good driving instructor, he explained everything very well and he was very patient. 
Excellent at his job, definitely would recommend to everyone who want to pass their driving test and become a good and safe driver.



Well, they say in this country that an “old dog cannot learn new tricks”. On the top of my 40’s I was truly convinced that the quote was true. I came from a country where the percentages of cars accidents are huge. Growing up in such environment listening and seeing news related to deaths because of unsafe driving has developed in me a huge driving phobia. The simply idea of being behind the steering wheel was simply unthinkable. But, inside, I knew I had to change that, I wanted to have a go, I needed to have it done... Could I still do it?! At my work place I was the only one who could not drive. I have lost so many good opportunities for not knowing how to drive.
I truly believe that doing driving lessons with Laurence Jacquemin was the best thing I did. His level of patience and commitment is simply amazing. I was very nervous and not confident at all. But, during all my lessons, even when I no longer believing in myself, Laurence always had an encouragement word to say or an advice to give. His level of professionalism is simply amazing. From now on, every time you hear that opening quote again, disregard it at all, at least when the subject is driving. If I, on the top of my 44- year- old was able to pass my driving test first time, despite all the odds and insecurities, you can do it! Laurence jacquemin will help you to do that!
Thanks, Laurence!



Thank you so much Laurence for helping me pass my test first time wooohooo.
I highly recommend you to anyone.



When I started driving lessons with Driving Crawley, I was fairly new to Crawley (and its roundabouts!!), after moving from Haywards Heath. My driving instructor in HH was okay, but when I moved to Crawley, I continued with my lessons with another local instructor, who made me feel that I cannot be trusted behind the wheel, to say the least. 
I really can’t thank Laurence from Driving Crawley enough for where I am today with driving! And today, I am SO glad that I started to learn to drive again with Driving Crawley. 
Laurence is very professional, knowledgeable, resourceful, patient, and supportive (and I can go on!) He is dedicated to teaching driving, this is evident during lessons and in his use of tools/resources, blogs and vlogs. He has helped me build my confidence in driving back up again, and reassured and supported me when I was losing the will to carry on! I cannot stretch enough that I will not have been where I am today in driving, if it wasn’t for Driving Crawley and Laurence, be it: the way he personalises my learning; the way he understands my strengths and weaknesses with driving and focuses on them each lesson; or the way he adapts his teaching techniques to suit my ways of learning.
I have been through the reviews which this page received briefly, and I totally relate to every single one of them, and couldn’t agree more! I would HIGHLY recommend Laurence to anyone who is wants to be a safer, confident driver!



Thank you for putting up with all of my questions and spending the time to teach me. Just insured my car and will start driving anywhere. You were very patient and did not lose your cool even when we first started from scratch. Will propose you to anyone who is thinking of learning.



Couldn’t recommend Driving Crawley and my instructor, Laurence, highly enough! He is very experienced, patient, supportive and most important, very professional.
He would analyze my weak points and think of strategies and best practices to strengthen them, staying completely focused on every detail during every lesson.
I believe he can work with anyone and teach them how to be a good driver.
It took me only 30 lessons from being new to the UK way of driving to passing my test with only one minor. Thank you Laurence!



Lawrence is patient, informative and punctual. He arrives on time every time, re-caps on previous lessons including the positive and negative. He explains very clearly why you should drive safe, keep lane discipline etc and shouldn’t do certain driving faults that may cause potential accidents or force other road users to take evasive action. From the get go he puts you at ease. Having ridden motorcycles only, for 0ver 20 years and moving to a car i found it completely different as in stopping distances, due to weight of car, less pulling power from stand still and how important it is to keep in your lane - not like a motorcycle where you can move over slightly should a vehicle accidentally cross your lane. Overall an excellent instructor - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



Thanks to Laurence for helping me pass the driving test in first attempt. A quick summary of my experience with Laurence.

1. Punctual: Always on time and had no cancellations. 

2. Patient: Talks through your faults & areas of improvement calmly. 

3. Practice: Covers Built-up areas, Town Center, Slip roads, Dual Carriageways, Spiral roundabouts, Country roads and busy car parks during practice lessons.

4. Professional: Very knowledgeable and this is evident from his blogs and videos. During lessons, Laurence clearly explains the impact of the fault and what can be done to avoid the fault.



I found Laurence on Google, after reading reviews.I didn't know anyone that had learnt with him.I'm so glad I decided to start learning again, after 6 months of not driving. My previous instructor made me feel useless and that i'd never pass. Laurence always encouraged an 'I can' attitude. At times I struggled with certain things. Gear change, hill starts etc, to name a few. Laurence helped me work through these issues, calmly and never once made me feel useless. I found the use of the interactive apps on Laurence's Ipad and looking back at manoeuvres from the dash cam, incredibly helpful. Also, the use of YouTube links and Laurences Driving page. After a few months of lessons, I managed to pass FIRST TIME!! I was shocked because I had a family loss just 2 weeks before my test and the funeral 2 days after, so my mind was distracted. I put this down to Laurence's hard work and positive attitude. I highly recommend Driving Crawley! Thank you Laurence!



I think that learn how to drive in the UK is a really challenging process and Laurence was definitely key. 

He has a great knowledge, a really good methodology and kept calm and professional all the time. He is also very punctual which was really important for me as I took lesson within working hours. 

He gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test in the first attempt. Before starting the classes I felt really really nervous about driving but shortly after taking the first classes I started becoming more and more confident. 

We usually went through the theory before each lesson, which was great because all the rules made sense when I was in the road. He also explained to me the reason behind each rules which made me aware of why I had to be cautious and what I had to be aware of. 

To be honest. Laurence is a fantastic instructor and I cannot recommend him more. It took me a while to find such a great instructor.



I started lessons with Laurence having no previous experience and was quickly feeling comfortable on the roads thanks to his patience and good advice. He pinpoints what went well and what needs improving at the end of each lesson so you know what you need to work on which allowed me to pass first time!
Laurence will make you a safe and confident driver, strongly recommend.



I passed my driving test last week thanks to Laurence. I have enjoyed learning to drive with Laurence and really think that he he had helped me on my way to becoming a safe driver. I would, and already have started recomending driving crawley to frends.
Thanks again Laurence for your time and patience.



When I wanted to learn to drive in the UK, I was hunting for a reliable driving school with relatively new car for the training, friendly at the same time a firm driving instructor and someone locally in Crawley. This is when I came across Driving Crawley. I did have over 15 years of driving experience in India and the USA, but like any country, following the rules of the land is very important. Laurence my driving instructor from Driving Crawley impressed me in the first instance. He respects the time and being on time to pick me up for my driving class was the very first impression on Laurence. He first learnt about my driving skills and then created a lessons plan to suite my availability and needs. I had to unlearn my bad habits which I picked over the years and learn the right way of driving. Laurence is very keen to help us pick the right skills and his knowledge on how the actual driving test would happen really helped me prepare for for the test. One important factor in learning to drive is also the car that is used to learn and for the test. I have never faced a situation where the car had any technical issue. The car is also equipped with a car to review our driving on need basis. Overall a great learning experience and great preparation to PASS the test and also the skills that we pick goes a long way in being a safe driver on the road, for us, for our family and for the other road users. Thanks Laurence for your help and support.



After moving to Crawley, not so long after failing 2 tests in Oxford, I sent Driving Crawley an email enquiring about lessons. After a swift reply from Laurence, I was back driving within a few weeks of moving. He taught me actually how to drive rather than drive to test, unlike my prior instructor. Not only this, but he also increased my confidence in being a competent driver. He is flexible with timings of lessons and also does weekends, which fit in perfectly with my busy schedule. Excellent punctuality and brilliant use of technology helped me understand new techniques. 
As well as this he also gets you to talk through how things went at the end of the lesson and you identify things you need to work on together which means that each lesson is tailored to fit you.



Choosing Laurence as my driving instructor was the best decision I could take. He helps me a lot being confident with myself and shows me everything that he knows about driving and rules. He is so patient and you can't ask for more. I took the licence second time but let's say being nervous doesn't helps to much:)). Thank you , Laurence. He really is the best instructor!! :)



Laurence is a really good driving instructor. The lessons were tailored to what I needed to learn/improve on. He was very patient and helpful and even sent links to help learn outside of lessons. Thanks to him I was able to pass first time. Thank you Laurence :)



I can honestly say that driving lessons with Laurence were the best I had and I had have quite a few instructors before so I could compare. Passing my test was a huge relief and that's thanks to Laurence and his patience and excellent and optimistic teaching technique! 



I had a great experience with Driving Crawley in spite of the fact that I was fairly new to the Crawley area and nervous about driving particularly on roads and in an area that was unfamiliar. 
Laurence was a very calm and patient instructor who put me at ease and made driving a fun experience. He didn't just teach me to pass the test but made sure I was a safe and confident driver for when the time came to drive on my own. He took in to consideration the routes I would be likely to do regularly so I now feel confident to drive them on my own. 
I'm very pleased to have now passed and would 100% recommend Driving Crawley!



Even thought I have a full Belgian driving licence, I really didn't feel comfortable to drive in the UK. Thanks to just a 2 hours lesson with Laurence, I know feel so much more confident. He is really friendly, professional and explains everything in a really easy way. I especially liked the fact that he has an app on his iPad that enables you to see real life situations and therefore, to understand and visualise even better what would happen in a given situation. I would definitely recommend him to everyone if you want fast and good progress ! :)



Laurence is a very very good instructor with lots of experience, helps you with any issues or concerns you may have and calms you before your test to make sure you know what will be involved and whats included within the test. Helped me pass first time! thanks Laurence



Laurence is a fantastic, modern driving instructor, he's easy-going and accommodating, reliable and certainly the cheapest in Crawley. He is a breath of fresh air compared to my previous instructor who was oppressive and wanted everything done his way - Laurence will help you to find your own style and give you the confidence you need. His car has HD cameras front and back connected to an iPad to review all sorts of situations/fails and help you learn from your mistakes. His website/blog has loads of useful information and tips, he publishes videos on YouTube to help you navigate some of Crawley's tougher roundabouts and junctions. He can and will help you with every aspect of theory and practical tests including rescheduling/cancellations - I can't recommend him enough.



Started learning to drive with Laurence after a few breaks and failed attempts at my driving test. In 6 months Laurence helped me develop my skills into becoming a confident driver. He is patience, has a calm approach to teaching and always punctual. I passed my driving test today with Laurence first time with only 2 minors. Thanks again Laurence for all your help



Just passed my driving test today after the second attempt and couldn't be happier. Laurence is a brilliant instructor who was able to explain things clearly to me while I was learning. He was able to point out and fix my mistakes while I was driving and in some cases encouraged me to work out the mistakes myself so that I was more likely to remember how to do it correctly later. He has succeeded in getting my brother, sister and now me to pass our tests and I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive!



I went in with 0 on-road experience to being fully confident in my own driving. Thanks to my time with Laurence I felt very calm and relaxed on the road and managed to pass my test first time. Laurence is a great teacher and very observant as he is able to pinpoint your weaknesses after every lesson, so you'll know exactly what you'll need to improve next time. Above all I had fun learning with Laurence and he made the lessons both feel enjoyable and challenging. So once again thank you Laurence, I highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.



Absolutely delighted to have passed my test, Laurence is the best driving instructor you can get. He is up to grips with everything thats required to help anyone excel and will perfect your driving not only for the test but also for future driving. I can honestly say I am a confident driver to attempt motor ways as well. He is patient and knows how to get the best out of everyone. BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR



I passed my exam for the second try but I could have done it for the first. I was just too nervous but Laurence helped me to cope with it. He told me how to ease the pressure and I took his advice and it worked. He gave me back my confidence in driving. The confidence I lost with my previous instructor. I did not feel safe at a car's wheel after I gave up learning for the first try but Laurence helped me and I enjoyed learning to drive with him. He's patient, gives you feedback and guidance and he lets you learn from your own mistakes. He's really calm too which is a great help when you do something wrong. I can only recommend him. Great instructor.



So I've just passed my test today and would like to thank Laurence so much for teaching me how to drive safely. He is very calm and has alot of patience throughout the lessons I've had with him. He also has helped me through difficult aspects of driving and used different ways of explaining these certain aspects. He is approachable and friendly instructor which i highly recommend to everyone :) He goes above and beyond the level of driving so you as a driver can be safe and knowledgeable in terms of driving. From the theory test to the practical test, he has helped me become more confident on the road, calm my nerves on the test day and helped with theory revision! Again, I highly recommend Laurence and would like to thank him for this long journey! :)



I just passed my test and would like to thank Laurence so much for getting me there. He is so patient, and really good at working through all the aspects I found tricky, he would find different ways to explain them. The visual devices really helped me, and it was amazing to look back at the car cameras to review what I did, and how to improve. He doesn't just get you to test level he gets you above and beyond that so your a good and safe driver even if test nerves get to you - but he has some great techniques to tackle those too :) Thanks Again



After learning with Laurence for 9 months, I passed my practical driving test first time with four minors. I'd started learning with someone else over two years before, but needed to start from scratch. After making an inquiry via email, Laurence called me to discuss my specific needs. On our first lesson we worked out what level I was at and started from there.

Laurence was patient and tolerant from the very beginning. He always showed up on time, and once picked me up from somewhere other than home at short notice.

He realised that I was not confident on the road, especially under pressure (for example, traffic waiting behind me at junctions), but never pressured me himself. He continued to be calm whenever I made a mistake and often let me work it out myself so I could correct it, without shaming or embarrassing me.

Before the test he talked me through my nerves and we even did some yoga poses and laughed outside the test centre.

He reassured me on the lessons leading up to the date that I was ready for the test - it definitely helped to go into the test with that mindset.

He didn't only teach me to drive practically, but explained things theoretically and asked lots of questions to make sure I understood. It wasn't just about teaching me to pass the test - but to be a safe driver overall.

I'd recommend to learn to drive with Laurence, as he's patient, reliable and affordable, and will tailor the lessons to the individuals needs.


Dan G

I recently passed my test with Laurence and was very happy with the service provided. He is patient and explains everything very well. He ensures that you are happy with every thing that you have done and is happy to re-visit any areas that you may not have been happy with. By the time it came to take my test I was very confident in my driving ability due to how well I was taught.



I would highly recommend Laurence at Driving Crawley to anybody who is thinking of booking lessons in Crawley. Laurence is a very patient instructor, and is very clear in explaining things to you. He also focuses on your weaknesses and things you might find difficult and gives you routines which you can use to make problems less troublesome. Laurence also gives the learner an opportunity to reflect on their learning by asking if they need additional focus on certain aspects of their driving. Overall a fantastic instructor!!



Just want to say thank you again for all the effort you have put in to getting me through my driving test. 
Learning with you has been easier than other instructors. With your laid back and funny attitude. You made the experience more enjoyable and you got me to pass. You will be highly recommended to anyone I know who wants to pass their tests.

Thank you again



Laurence is a great teacher and tailors each lesson around you and your skill level. After coming from another instructor, Laurence helped me get back on my feet and pass. During the lessons he asks what you think you need to do and suggests thing that he has seen, that you might improve on. He also builds your confidence up a lot and helps you become more positive about driving. He was committed and went above and beyond to help me pass. Laurence is a great teacher to have and I highly recommend him as your instructor.



Thanks Laurence! You have been a big help in me passing my test!!! Nicest instructor and patient with my frustrations. Whoop whoop!!!!


Chris A

I passed my driving test today with zero minors! I would not have been able to do it without the help of Laurence's amazing tuition, every step of the way his calm and invaluable tutoring helped me become the driver I always wanted to be.
If anyone is looking for an instructor i can not recommend Laurence enough, his knowledge and teaching style is exemplary, he not only explains everything you need to be doing but why and when, he makes learning to drive not only as easy as possible but fun too.
we shared many laughs and anecdotes together and I'm sad our lessons ever had to stop :-)
Thank you again for teaching me to be a good, safe & aware driver



I have had a very good experience with the lessons I took with Laurence, coming from driving abroad and with the need to build on confidence around local regulations he was from day one very reassuring and calm and set up a clear personalised plan for me, covering real-life situations and absolutely all the aspects I then went on to use on my Practical Test, which I comfortably passed first time. He is offering a 5 star service for a reasonable price, I would definitely recommend Driving Crawley and instructor Laurence! Happy!



After using a different instructor previously, I can confidently say Laurence is an excellent instructor. He has the ability to focus on your weaknesses whilst, at the same time, making you feel comfortable and at ease. As well as helping towards me passing comfortably first time, Laurence has provided me with the necessary tools to be a safe and cautious driver for life.



It had been 7 years since the last time I tried to learn to drive. I was very nervous but Laurence was extremely patient and calm, he put me at ease almost immediately. He is a very friendly, professional instructor and he really helped build my confidence. Laurence adapted his lessons to suit me and taught me in such a way that I understood what I needed to do. When I made mistakes, he talked me through what I'd done wrong and how to avoid making the same errors in the future. Thanks to Laurence I passed my test first time!! I would highly recommend Laurence to anyone wanting to learn to drive, specially for those who are very nervous as he is very relaxed and calm. Thanks again Laurence :)


Chris W

If any one is considering using laurence from crawley driving then all I can say is you will be making the best decision. I was outstandingly surprised with the knowledge and advice he has to give and more importantly he constructs the lessons to suit you. Not only does laurence get you to test standard he uses all of his knowledge and experience to assist you with becoming a safe and confident driver, and believe you me someone who posses such qualifications in driving tells you he is no idiot and useing him to help you obtain your licence will be the best decision you will make. Also laurence is extremely flexible and fully understanding when booking lessons to suit you around work and home life etc. always on time and in general he is a really polite, careing, understanding person who always puts you and your needs first. I would highly recommend him 100% as you will not be disappointed and you will certainly be on your way to success.


Laurence is very good instructor and very patient. He gives his best to help his students in a good atmosphere. Highly recommended.



I started lessons with Laurence after a 2 year break from learning to drive. I'd previously found driving lessons stressful and was low on confidence. It was pretty clear after the 1st few lessons that he was different from my previous instructor and was keen on building my confidence on the road rather than scolding me for my mistakes. I wouldn't have passed my test or enjoy driving if I hadn't learned from someone who was willing to encourage me to improve. I would definitely recommend Laurence as an instructor. He'll definitely make you a confident driver.



I started my lessons with Laurence after a 5 year gap and two failed tests and not a lot of confidence, but I instantly knew that my lessons with Laurence would lead to a pass. He is a patient instructor who tailors every lesson to your specific requirements, with the aim of teaching you how to drive in a way which works for you, and not just how to pass your test. I passed the first test I took with Laurence and was confident I would do so thanks to his style of teaching, I can not recommend him enough, thanks again!



Great Driving Instructor !! Very professional and understanding :)



Thanks Laurence for being such an awesome instructor. You are friendly, creative, reliable, very organised, bright and never run out of patience and words of encouragement. Your lesson plans really helped me to keep track of my progress and to understand my own strengths/ weaknesses. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely and efficiently. Best wishes.



I started learning with Laurence after an 8 year gap in my driving. My previous experience of driving instructors had left me demotivated and low in confidence. After just one or two lessons with Laurence I realised I'd finally found an instructor that understands how to teach. He listens to what works for you and tailors the lessons to your learning style. In all the time learning with Laurence I never felt pressured due to the open dialogue that takes place. When approaching my test date Laurence challenged me to the extent where I felt the test would be a piece of cake ;) I passed with just one minor. Thank you Laurence.



Very helpfull instructor. thing's explained in a way its easy to understand no problem's would recommend to anyone passed first time with driving crawley :)



Brilliant Instructor, I started with Laurence with no prior experience and he was able to talk me through all aspects of driving allowing me to develop my knowledge. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to drive as he helps with not only the practical elements but the theory also.



I can certainly say Laurence is probably the best driving instructor in the area, having passed with only three minors I think Laurence is the perfect choice to do lessons with



Laurence's sole focus is on you as a learner, each lesson built on the one before and targeted specific area's as discussed prior to each lesson. It really is targeted on the area's you feel you need to work on as Laurence won't rush or push you too fast. Laurence is a laid back instructor and makes you think about all the different variables or scenarios that could crop up and allows you to make a decision for yourself after discussing the different outcomes. I would reccomend Laurence to anyone as he gives the confidence that is needed when learning to drive but also the patience which is also needed. Once again thankyou Laurence for giving me the tools and confidence to pass my test first time!



Laurence was a very good instructor, he was calm, patient and always makes you feel comfortable. He allows you to learn from your mistakes by tailoring his lessons around you and what you need to work on in order to pass your test as well as giving you little tips to challenge you. He is also a very reliable person and offers support after your test if you feel you need it.



I did 13 lessons with Lawrence and passed first time. He never made me feel pressured and always gave great hints and tips while still having a laugh. I would definitely recommend to anyone!



Once again Laurence thanks for helping me pass my driving test first time. It has been a pleasure being taught by Laurence, he is a very patient and calm instructor, and can explain where you have gone wrong in a way easy to understand which makes it a lot easier to learn from your mistakes. I would highly recommend Laurence, Driving Crawley, to anybody looking to learn to drive as he allows you to learn at your own pace.



Great teacher, very patient and understanding. Laurence always tailored the lessons around what I wanted to improve on and helped me assess what I was doing well and not so well after every lesson. With his help I passed first time. Thank you!


It was an absolute pleasure being taught by Laurence. from the first moment he made me feel very safe in the case that i made any mistakes and also instilled a lot of confidence in me which was my problem, i wasn't very confident having been with a few other instructors in the same area but as i said before, Laurence was very good at naturally giving me the confidence too drive. now that i have passed my driving test the attention to driving safely that Laurence instilled in me i will carry on and i would highly recommend Laurence to anyone!!



I took some top up lessons with Laurence and really benefitted from his expertise and his approach to driving. Wish I had learnt with him from the start and I have now passed my test. I would recommend Laurence as he takes time to deal individually with all aspects of driving giving helpful, useful tips.


Conor's Mum

Laurence did some top up lessons for my son. He took time to discuss my son's needs and offered help and advice. He boosted his confidence and picked out the finer points that he needed to work on. He arrived on time and spent over the lesson time giving him advice. I would certainly recommend Laurence.



Laurence is an incredible teacher. He customized a plan for me to pass my driver's test on the first attempt. In addition to what he taught me during our driving lessons, he made himself available to answer questions via email and phone. This was very helpful between lessons while I was out practicing on the road. He is very responsive, always prompt, and dependable. These are behaviors I seek when learning something as important as driving safety. I felt I got my money's worth working with Laurence and recommend him to new drivers as well as experienced drivers moving to UK from another country.



Thank you again Laurance for making me pass my driving test recently. Laurance is professional and an exellent instructor. He taught me in a very calm and clear way and always explained why or when l needed to do something.He was very petient. Every time when I did a mistake, he explained the correct way of doing it and took me rides until I do it correctly. I have learnt so many skills and what I like is that Laurence will show you how to do things in real life situations like parking in a busy car park. He ensured a safe and friendly environment to learn in and he was always on time. l will always have Laurence to thank for being a good instuctor and making me pass my driving test and I would highly recommend Driving Crawley with Laurence as a driving instructor.



Thanks for getting me through my driving test you've been a brilliant instructer. Easy to talk to , gave good advice and made me feel confident in difficult situations. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive. :-)



I had a great time learning to drive with driving Crawley. Laurence is an amazing teacher, so incredibly patient and understanding. Instead of just telling you what you've done wrong he gets you to think about it so you can learn from your own mistakes. If I felt unsure about anything I always felt I could ask either in or out lessons. Thanks to driving Crawley I passed my test first time and will be forever grateful to Laurence for his hard work and patience.



Laurence is great instructor. His knowledge, patience and professionalism resulted in me passing the test easily and giving me confidence to be on the roads in any conditions. He was also making sure that lessons are interesting so I was looking at them as a gem not really obligation. Thanks Laurence!!!



I found Laurence to be a very good instructor. He tailored lessons to various subjects and let me revisit these subjects if I wasn’t happy with what I had done. He never gets annoyed with you and always lets you know if you have done well, or not. I passed quite recently and quickly and will always have Laurence to thank for that.


Allan (Adams' Father)

As a parent I found Laurence totally reliable. He met myself and my wife before Adam started his lessons to discuss matters. He was always on time, if not early, and always kept us up to date with how Adam was progressing. As a parent I cannot recommend him more highly.



Even though I live in Surrey I took my lessons and test in Crawley. This was because there were more test dates available and I used to live in the area when I was younger. As I lived so far from Crawley, lessons were limited to two hours every Friday, of which I had a total of 12 hours with my instructor Laurence. Laurence was originally part of Red Driving School but he decided to go independent. I chose to continue lessons with him as I found Laurence was a very good teacher and easy to get along with.

What I found partially useful was Laurence’s method of explaining my mistakes. Rather than always instantly telling me what I was doing wrong, sometimes he would ask me what I believed I failed to do or remember and what I could do to improve next time. Through this approach I found that I knew the answers if I thought about it and this helped me remember my faults, rather than having it all told to me at once.

Laurence’s method of demonstrating the manoeuvres and types of roads, (such as roundabouts and parallel parking), through birds-eye-view diagrams and pictures, was also very helpful. In partially in understanding the system Tushmore roundabout. This provided me with a clearer understanding of what was required from a driver and what expected from me and what to look out for, as this explained things to me from an alternate perspective, rather than just the drivers.

Before my test Laurence was kind enough to email me my results of my mock test. In this emailed he explained my faults and told me what result they would have, being either a minor or major. I found this approach the most useful as it was as it made me really think about what I needed to improve. This along with the rest of Laurence’s lessons helped me to pass my test, with only 12 hours lesson time and in area I wasn’t too familiar with.

From this I would strongly recommend Laurence as a driving instructor as I was partially fond of his teaching methods and his friendly personality.



Thank you again Laurence. I had been doing lessons years ago and had always given up! I couldn't be happier with leading with Laurence he has taught me in a very calm and clear way and always explained why or when you need to do something. Very fare prices especially when booking in blocks of 10 hours. I have learnt so many skills and what I like is that Laurence will show you how to do things in real life situations like parking in a busy car park! I would highly recommend Laurence as a driving instructor especially for the nervous driver!! 5 stars Laurence!!



If your a first timer who is a little nervous, or have a little experience and want to just gain more, and progress. I would Highly recommend Laurence. He is a friendly and professional instructor, who for me, installed me with the confidence and skills I needed to become a good and safe driver. I passed first time, and he is also the reason I passed my theory test first time to. A Very knowledgeable and easy to get along with person. Five Stars.


I really enjoyed the driving classes I have taken with you. I felt confident day by day to drive safe. Also, the lessons are nicely delivered (both theoretical and practical). Worth learning and I highly recommend new learners to get benefited from Laurence driving lessons.



Laurence is a very good instructor. He has patience and knows how to improve my driving skills quickly. I passed my practical test



I decided to take some refresher lessons after applying for a taxi license. Laurence was very helpful in the lessons he provided and the information he gave me regarding the test structure and cabology questions. I feel this helped me immensely in passing the test first time. I would definitely recommend Laurence to anyone wanting to learn to drive or for any refresher lessons.