Theory Test

Below is some information to help with your theory test, enjoy!


How can I revise for my theory test?

Below are some apps, software and useful websites to help you practice both the theory questions and the hazard perception test.


It is also be worth while buying a copy of the Highway CodeKnow Your Traffic Signs and Driving: The Essential Skills. All these books contain vital information that needs to be learnt and understood before taking the theory test.


Many people say to me the find it difficult to score high points on the 'hazard perception' part of the theory test. First it is very very difficult to score 5 out of 5 for every video clip on this part of the test, so don't worry if you don't get top marks. The pass mark is only 44 out of 75. 

However, in order to ensure you score some good points it is advisable to click once when you see a potential hazard (e.g. if a pedestrian is standing near the road) then when the hazard is developing (when the pedestrian looks over the shoulder) then click again and then a third click a second later, this is to ensure the click gets registered and you score some points. You would not be penalised for clicking like this, just avoid clicking 4 or 5 times in a repetitive pattern, as you could be penalised and score 0 points for doing this. 

Here is a dvd to help you revise for the hazard perception


How do you book your theory test?

Visit this page,, to book your theory test. This is the OFFICIAL website to book your theory test.

Avoid searching on Google for "book theory test" as many of the top hits will be unofficial websites who charge extra to book the theory test. You will get the test for the cheapest fee by booking it via the website.


Where is the Crawley theory test centre?

As you can see the Crawley theory test centre is opposite the Crawley train station, just walk out of the station, turn left and walk for 30 seconds and you will see a building on the other side of the road, called Belgrave House, this is the theory test centre.


What will happen on the day of my theory test?

Read this,, and watch the below video :-)