Fleet Driver Training


If you have a business in Crawley or the surrounding areas then Driving Crawley can help to reduce your fleet costs.


Why pay for fleet training?

  • By reducing the risk of fleet driver we are reducing the risk of costly collisions. We reduce this risk on sessions by looking at safety margins, forward planning and anticipation.
  • Even a minor rear end shunt could cause your employee injuries and therefore need time off work to recover, the costs of sickness pay and taking on a temp could all add up to a large sum.
  • Through good forward planning we can reduce your fuel costs! For example if we see a red light in the distance rather than continuing to press the accelerator we can lift off and save fuel, without effecting the journey times. There are plenty of other examples of how to save fuel.
  • Reduce the risk of being prosecuted under Corporate Manslaughter legislation, as well as the direct costs involved you can imagine this would also have significant implications on your brand reputation.

    A 1 hour assessment session can be offered with a brief report supplied outlining low, medium and high risk areas of the employees driving, this can be kept on their file for compliance purposes. 

    "I would not do that on my driving test"

    You may have heard of phrases like this, and it is why I believe the ability 'pass' a basic assessment is often artificial as the driver may be driving differently to their normal standards. Therefore, the most effective way to reduce the risk of your drivers is through either a half day or full day of training and coaching. During the individually tailored session the driver will be coached through how to reduce risk with following distances, speed choices, parking and more.  


    Having passed 6 advanced driving tests I have a sound knowledge of how to drive to a high standard, ensuring risk is kept to the minimum.

    Relevant coaching skills have been obtained thought various Continued Professional Development (CPD) since qualifying as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in 2013. I am also a DVSA Fleet Registered Trainer. 


    Some of the advanced driving test I have passed.