I made over £500 cash-back, including over £100 for just doing FREE trials!

Are you looking to get some free cashback in the UK? 

Throughout the COVID lockdowns I have not been able to work, so I have spent some of my time playing around with getting cashback on sites like TopCashback. So far TopCashback has been the best one, others like Quidco generally offer lower cashback rates, but they do occasionally offer better rates, so I have an account with them too just incase. 

  • When using any of these cashback websites it is strongly recommended you clear the cookies from your web browser before making your purchases / taking the free trials, then make sure they are re-enabled after clicking on the link.
  • Also some browsers track better than other, if you use Safari for example you often get a warning messaging from TopCashback saying it might not track.
  • You may wish to use a secondary, still accessable, e-mail address for many of the free trials, just to avoid getting masses of marketing e-mails to your primary e-mail asking you to sign up to the full product.

With that being said lets start with looking at how you can make some easy money, when you have signed up to TopCashback just search for these companies in the search bar. Please bear in mind the cashback rates may differ from day to day, or even be withdrawn all together, I will try to keep this page updated as best I can. 

amazon-prime-free-trial.jpg          Gousto.jpg

No Purchase Necessary Cashback (Free Cashback!)

What we all want, bear in mind many of these are free trials and you need to enter bank details, if you do not cancel before the free trial ends you may then be charged, just keep a note of all your free trials and you can't go wrong:

    • Sign up to Top Cashback with this link - £5.00 (when signing up it will automatically make your account a "Plus" account, which it will then use this £5 cashback to pay for, it is then £5 a year. However you can just opt out of the Plus Account after you have signed up. The Plus Account can give higher cashback rates and higher bonues when you pay out via store cards.)
    • 20 Cogs - £1.20 (this site is pretty good at getting even more cashback, I got £87.50 cashback through various trials! Most were free tirals (£63.50 in fact) but I did need to spend £5.99, in total, on a few of the trials in order to complete the '20 cogs' or 20 offers you need to withdraw your cashback.) Sign up to 20 Cogs independently using this link.
    • Pick My Postcode - £0.55
    • Experian - £4.00
    • Survey Spotter - £0.60
    • Nielson Computer Panel - £10.00
    • LottoSocial - £0.60
    • Search Lotto - £0.60

All of the above are clearly shown on the "Free Cashback" section of the TopCashback website, as are others which are not really free cashback. The below offers however, are NOT shown there! TOP SECRET!

    • Audible - £7.26 (It might at first take you to the screen for 3 months at £3.99, but just click "Get started" on the audible website, it will then ask for bank details, you don't need to fill these in yet, instead click "Browse Audible.co.uk" in the top right corner, it will then give you the option for a free 30-day trial. Of course you could pay the £3.99 and you will get a higher rate of cashback, £12.70, which after taking off the £3.99 you paid leaves £8.71.)
    • Preloved - £0.11 (although I got £0.33 for just posting an ad, maybe a glitch?)
    • Readly - £7.00
    • Vikings War of Clans - £1.10
    • Bingoport - £4.00 (when signing up it makes it sound like you need to make a deposit and then you get £10 cashback, ignore this, continue to create and account and the cashback should track)
    • Confused.com pet insurance quote - £0.60
    • Confused.com travel insurance quote - £0.55

TOTAL: £42.62 (Plus cashback from 20 Cogs offers)


Purchase Necessary Cashback

You get more cashback than the orignal purchase price with some offers, so essentially you make a 'profit'. There is of course an element of risk in these offers, as the cashback might not track or be paid, so only take these offers if you are happy with the risk. If it does not track you can always submit a support ticket to TopCashback but if they make a final decision and say they will not pay then they will not pay. 

Many of these offers are betting, casinos and lottories, no doubt they esentially pay you to give their services a go as there is only a small chance of winning and also they hope you might stick around and get 'addicted', so there is again that element of risk.

I will not list all of these, as there are quite a few, but a couple I have tried are (be aware some companies are linked, and you can only get cashback with each company once, so you can't get cashback from Betfair AND Betfair Casino):

    • Betfair (sportsbook) - £20 cashback with £10 deposit
    • Paddypower (sportsbook) - £15 cashback with £10 deposit
    • Ladbrokes (sportsbook) - £31.50 cashback with £10 deposit
    • Coral (sportsbook) - £34.65 cashback with £10 deposit
    • LottoSocial - £10 cashback with £1 deposit (when you sign up they will then try and charge you £5 the next day for the another euromillions draw, so cancel the reoccuring payment as soon as you sign up, so you only pay the £1. As such, do this one at your own risk, even cancelling the reoccuring payment is a bit obscure.)

Standard Cashback

As well getting 'free' cashback you can also get cashback on your regular online purchases, so you can't really lose out. Still make sure you search around for the best prices and look out for discount codes (note: often if you add a non-approved discount code your cashback will be declined). Some of the cashback rates can be really good like 10-15% cashback on clothes stores, others can be pretty poor, such as 1% on eBay, but every penny counts so always go via TopCashback. 

TopCashback yearly total: £393.37

 Between 20th March 2020 and 20th March 2021

Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 00.17.09.png

Plus I typically transfer my cashback to a gift card, for a Sainsburys gift card you get a 5% bonus, other gift cards give you more.


As mentioned I also have a cashback account with Quidco, as occasionally they offer better cashback rates, one thing they do offer which is great is regularly they do "Boost rewards" which give you a fixed cash bonus on top of normal cashback, for example I got a £10 boost on top of the standard £7.66 cashback on an online purchase. 

I have had the Quidco account for about 3 months in total I stand to make £37.64.

Sign up to Quidco and get a £5 bonus.

Maybe Worth a Go?

You can get cashback by ordering and activating a free SIM, for example O2 and EE are offering £5.25, Vodaphone are offering £5, Giffgaff offering £7.35.  The strange thing is some people are claiming they do not always check the SIM has been activated, but still pay the cashback!

I ordered a few, as there is no risk of losing any money (you don't need to provide any bank details), the EE cashback got declined within a month, but via 20 Cogs i got paid £3 from O2. The Giffgaff cashback is still showing as pending, so I am mildly hopeful.

GRAND TOTAL: £518.51

Across all cashback sites between 20th March 2020 to 20th March 2021 (£393.37 from TopCashback, £87.50 from 20Cogs and £37.64 from Quidco)

Disclaimer: This page includes affilate links, whilst these don't cost you anything, the associated companies will pay me a small commission for purchases made via the links.